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Sexual and Relationship Recovery Workshop

A person who has not passed through the inferno of their passions has never overcome them-C.G. Jung

This workshop is for individuals who have struggled with issues of sexual and relational compulsivity in their lives. Since both of these are “process” addictions, the individual over time will need to learn how to have a healthy relationship rather than complete abstinence with the behaviors that they have pursued compulsively. In this series, we explore the most impactful experiences that created the template for the individual to organize their lives around sexuality and relationships. We then explore the core elements that create recovery, healthy sexuality, and healthy relationships over time. This workshop will include:

  • Boundaries; Family systems
  • Therapeutic separation; Disclosure; Life after disclosure
  • Couple’s shame; Dimensions of intimacy
  • Functional communication tools
  • Coupleship recovery strategies; Couple’s Step work
  • 12-Step recovery tools
Call now to make an appointment: (928) 231-0114