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Compassion Fatigue: A workshop for Helping Professionals

This particular workshop is designed for those working in the helping professions including medical staff, social workers, hospice care, fire and police, clergy, and mental health professionals. Professional burnout is a serious problem within the helping profession and treatment for this issue is specific. Many people who devote their time and energy to others in crisis can become weary from time to time. But if this is left unchecked and self care is low on the list of priorities, significant problems can occur and one’s job, even life can be jeopardized.

  • Identifying the warning signs of burnout
  • Identifying dangers to self and others
  • How to assist others without harming yourself
  • Understanding and dealing with PTSD
  • Intervention strategies for employers
  • Prevention plan for reoccurrence
  • Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
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