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Roots: A Family of Origin Workshop

This workshop is designed to examine our family of origin and the specific lessons, experiences, and values we learned from our familial environment. A wealth of exploratory work is conducted to examine the archaeology of our family of origin. With this information, the workshop is then able to build upon healthy and functional skills learned, resolve traumatic experiences, and learn new and functional skills that facilitate healthy interaction as an individual and within larger systems. This workshop includes:

  • Roots of codependency
  • The nature of trauma and abuse
  • Boundary setting; Dependency issues
  • Healthy vs. toxic shame and carried feelings
  • Wounded, Adapted, Functional (Healing and reparenting model)
  • Karpman Triangle
  • Functional and nurturing vs. toxic family system
  • Disengaged, enmeshed, rigid and chaotic family systems
  • Development of sexual messages and templates
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