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Favorite Links

This page contains a variety of links to websites that we believe are excellent.

We do not endorse or guarantee the content or efficacy of the sites we list here.

Health and Wellness Organizations

American Holistic Medical Association

AZ Holistic Chamber of Commerce

AZ Net News-The premier health and well-being newspaper in Arizona

Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Canyon Ranch Health Resort

Immuno Laboratories-Great for food and other allergy testing

Lana Holstein, MD-A nationally known expert on sexuality and women's health issues

Medscape-An excellent source of information and research

MetaMetrix-Good source for nutritional testing

Mishka Productions-The producer of the annual Celebrate Your Life Conference

Of Spirit-A holistic, spiritual and self-improvement resource for education, entertainment and empowerment

Web MD-Contains excellent health information for everyone

Whole Life Pages-Annual directory of holistic businesses serving Arizona, Colorado and Texas


Association for the Integration of the Whole Person

Madonna Ministry


Recovery Resources

The Caron Foundation

Sierra Tucson Recovery Center


Further Personal Growth


The Omega Institute

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