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Center For Alchemy
Center For Alchemy
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Charlie Walker and Leslie White
Are you seeking transformation and
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We make it our mission to assist each person in achieving an extraordinary life by constructing a clear, solution-based plan to create transformational healing and achieve optimal health and well-being. We are located in the Scottsdale Airpark in North Scottsdale across from Kierland Commons. Sessions are available through the week and some evening and weekend hours are also offered. Please call ahead or email us for appointments. To contact Charlie, 480-721-1487. To contact Leslie, 480-710-5151.

Therapeutic Services Offered:

  • Individual therapy
  • Couple's therapy
  • Residential treatment referral and follow-up
  • Telephone sessions for long-distance clients
  • EMDR for trauma resolution
  • Specializations include:

    Co-facilitated couples therapy-Having both of us present for your couple's sessions provides a unique blend of compassion, understanding and expertise that allows for deep healing. Together we thoroughly assess all aspects of your relationship and craft a comprehensive treatment strategy to address your relationship's core areas of communication, intimacy, expression of feelings, sexuality, and spirituality. With over 40 years of collective experience, we provide your relationship with a set of skills and understanding to facilitate growth and healing.

    Please click here Intensive Outpatient Program for complete details.

    Who seeks our help?
    • Individuals who need a safe and confidential environment to achieve healing
    • Couples seeking solutions for troubled relationships
    • Clients needing sobriety and recovery around their addictive behaviors
    • Those requiring extended care following inpatient treatment
    What is Alchemy?

    From a therapeutic and spiritual perspective, alchemy is a process for deeply exploring our innermost spaces. In ancient times, the alchemist, through a mystical process, was able to transform base metal into gold. Using this metaphor, self exploration is about transforming our pain, trauma, and all that is not working in our lives (base metal) into our fully alive and realized self (gold).

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